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Proceedings of the 38th YPSW Annual Meeting

January 23-25, 2013

The conference theme for this year was In the IH Toolbox, Risk Analysis. The conference spanned the two days of meetings. The first day focused on risk assessment as a core competency for industrial hygienists. The second day technical program focused on the use of Bayesian inference as an approach to risks, decisions and judgment for industrial hygiene. The second day program also featured updates from the AIHA, ACGIH, NIOSH and OSHA. The Program was moderated by Program Chair, Frank Hearl, who was assisted by members of the YPSW Board of Directors.

  YPSW 2013 Annual Meeting in Session

YPSW Members listen to presentations at the 38th Annual Meeting on January 24, 2013 at the Bahia Resort, San Diego, CA. The meeting was held on the main deck of the resort's sternwheeler.


Program for 38th Annual Meeting

Meeting Summary

Risk Assessment Program

Risk Assessment as a Core Competency for IH by Fred W. Boelter, CIH, PE, BCEE

We Need Risk-Based OELs To Resuscitate the OSHA PELs (Or Not) by Adam M. Finkel, Sc.D.

Risk Assessment in Control Banding by Susan Ripple,MS, MPH, CIH

Cumulative Risk: Environmental and Occupational Perspectives by Pamela Williams, Sc.D.

Integrating Risk Assessment into Cost Benefit Analysis: Who pays? Who gains? And who cares? by Cristina McLaughlin, MS

Assessing Tolerable Risks for Carcinogens and other Toxic Substances by Scott Dotson, Ph.D., CIH

Modernizing Occupational Safety and Health Enforcement: Improving OSHA’s Capability to Prevent, Detect, and Control Grave Risks to U.S. Workers by Adam M. Finkel, Sc.D.

RIsk Assessment Roundtable moderated by Chris Laszcz-Davis, MS, CIH, REP

Bayesian Statistics for IH Decisions Program

Bayesian Inference by Jim Rock, Ph.D., CIH, PE

Bayesian Approach to Risks, Decisions, and Judgment by Perry Logan, Ph.D., CIH

Association and Agency Reports

AIHA Regulatory and Legislative Update by Aaron Trippler

AIHA President's & Executive Director's Update by Allan Fleeger, CIH, CSP and Peter O'Neil, CAE

ACGIH Chair's Update by Robert Herrick, Sc.D.

OSHA Program Update by Ken Atha

NIOSH Program Update by John Howard, MD

Lunch at YPSW 2013 Annual Meeting 

Members and invited speakers enjoyed lunch on the upper deck of the sternwheeler at the Bahia Resort in San Diego, CA.