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Proceedings of the 41st YPSW Annual Meeting

January 20-22, 2016

The conference theme for this year was Emerging Trends in Occupational Health and Safety. The conference spanned the three days of meetings. President Bill Krebs welcomed attendees to the 41st Annual Meeting of the YPSW Section. The conference theme was "Emerging Trends in Occupational Safety and Health". Program Chair, Larry Gibbs, along with Program Committee members Chris Laczsz-Davis and Charles Geraci, provided a diverse, and broad program as evidenced by the positive feedback from attendees.


Program for 41st Annual Meeting

Meeting Summary

Technical Program

Occupational Health in the 21st Century: Romance, Separation, Counseling, and Re-Marriage by John Volckens, PhD.

Occupational Exposure Limits by Chris Laszcz-Davis, MS, CIH, FAIHA

NIOSH Occupational Exposure Banding Initiative by CAPT Lauralynn McKernan, ScD, CIH

Health Hazard Banding: The Newest Chapter in the Exposure Assessment Manual by Donna Heidel, CIH, FAIHA

Industrial Hygiene Afloat: A Focus on IH Concerns and Responsibilities Aboard a U.S. Naval Aircraft Carrier" by CDR Daniel Hardt, CIH

IH Practice in Non-traditional Work Environments: The Ebola Breakout by LT Adrienne Esatlake, MS, REHS/RS

Mathematical Modeling of Risk Acceptability Criteria by Charles L. Geraci, Jr., PhD, CIH

Mindfulness: Promoting Total Worker Health and Safety by Being in the Moment by Jessica Drew de Paz, PsyD

Social Media & Technology - How is it Shaping the Profession by Michael Rosenow, CIH, CSP

Emerging Treds in Sensor Technology - Sensors and Instruments for the Future by Mark D. Hoover, PhD, CHP, CIH

The Next Step After Detection: What' Required to Remove Lead and other Tocic Metals from Skion and Surfaces and Why Soap and Water is Not Enough by Eric J Esswein, MSPH, CIH

Making Sense of Epidemiological Data by D. Wayne Berman, PhD

Unintended Consequences of Risk Management by Fred Boelter, CIH, PE, FAIHA

Association and Organization Reports

AIHA Regulatory and Legislative Update by Aaron Trippler

ACGIH Update by J Torey Nalbone, PhD, CIH

ABIH Update by Ulric Chung, MCS, PhD

AIHA Pacific Region Update by Stephen W. Hemperly, MS, CIH