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Proceedings of the 47th YPSW Annual Meeting

January 20-21, 2022

The conference theme for this year was "Adaptation of Science, Risk and Culture in the New World" Due to the continuing COVID pandemic and the Omicron varient, the conference was held as a "virtual" meeting, and was held for 3.5-hours per day, followed by a "virtual" hospitality suite period using the Zoom platform. President Fred Boelter welcomed attendees to the 47th Annual Meeting of the YPSW Local Section. Program Chair, Ben Heckman introduced the program.


Program for 47th Annual Meeting

Meeting Summary

Technical Program

Future of Work in the Coronanormal Era by John Howard, M.D.

Evolution of an Institutional Response to COVID-19 by Michael Brandt, DrPH, MPH, MS, FAIHA

Decision Making and Understanding/Communicating Risk by John Piacentino, MD

The New Occupational Safety and Health Legislation is...TSCA? by Frank Hearl, PE

AIHA: Accelerating Advancements in Our Science, Practice, and Standards of Care by John R. Mulhausen, PhD, CIH, CSP, AIHA President

Follow the Science? by A.J. Faas, PhD

Re-examining the Cognitive Science of Risk in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era by Gavin Huntley-Fenner PhD

Group Discussion on the Grand Challenges for the Profession - discussion by: Chris Laszcz-Davis, Thomas Grumbles, and Larry Sloan

Association and Organization Reports

AIHA Regulatory Update by Mark Ames

AIHA National Update by Larry Sloan, CEO

BCG (formerly ABIH) Update by Thomas Grumbles, CIH, CPPS, FAIHA

ACGIH Update by Frank Mortl III, CAE, Executive Director


Business Meeting Minutes